Developmental Editing

Take your draft (or partial draft!) to the next level with hands-on help with plot structure, characterization, pacing, dialogue, etc.
Copy Editing

Improve the readability of your work! Let us proofread your material so you can avoid those dreaded missed errors! Fast and affordable.
And More!

We also provide line editing (sentence-level editing that focuses on style and flow), manuscript critiques, book reviews, copywriting, and more!

Why Choose The Clever Editors?


Over 10 years of professional editing experience!

Our backgrounds in English, copy editing, creative writing, composition, and History make us an easy choice for help with your fiction or non-fiction manuscript.


Our team has extensive developmental and copy editing experience!

We've edited novels (in all stages of writing), essays, query and pitch letters, reviews, academic articles, book promotional materials, and more!


We provide ongoing progress updates, while prioritizing your vision for the project.

Our individualized service is tailored to each author's style, so your manuscript stays true to your writing voice, even with an editor's input.

Let's get started!

Let us know your needs and we will be happy to work out a plan that ensures the success of your project.